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Frequently Asked Questions

How does N-Tier Illumination work?

N-Tier Illumination begins with the supplier information you provide, and continues to identify and confirm sub-tier supplier relationships across your supply chain. A user dashboard allows you to monitor the illumination in real-time.

What can I do with my results?

The supply chain illumination and mapping results provided by N-Tier Illumination can be integrated into your supply chain risk management practices to identify risks to your critical materials and develop appropriate responses.

Is N-Tier Illumination secure?

N-Tier Illumination was built from the ground-up with security in mind to ensure your supply chain information was both secure and available to only you. N-Tier Illumination leverages cybersecurity best practices available through AWS.

Is N-Tier Illumination currently available?

N-Tier Illumination is currently in an open pilot phase and is deployed across several DoD supply chains to provide critical supply chain mapping and visualization support. You are invited to participate in this pilot phase by contacting us today.