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DLA Supply Chain Illumination Project

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) partnered with N-Tier Illumination to gain visibility of your extended supply chain in order to better understand potential vulnerabilities and develop risk mitigation strategies. N-Tier Illumination is a secure supply chain discovery and risk management tool that helps users understand key relationships across their supply chain. If your product is restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), please enter a generalized name for any risk-based parts, components, or materials used in the manufacturing of your product. The part, component, or material name should be recognizable by your supplier, but not disclose any technical specifications. DLA is not looking for a Bill of Materials (BOM) to be entered, but rather risk-based parts, components, or materials that are considered important by your organization to monitor because they have: 1) Highly technical characteristics or specifications, 2) Potential production constraints or limitations, 3) Long lead times, and/ or 4) Relatively high cost.
Supply chain mapping is a new requirement for DLA. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2022, Section 841 – 10 USCA § 2509, requires DOD to “streamline and digitize” its “approach for identifying and mitigating risks to the defense industrial base.” This section also adds that the DoD must “develop capabilities to map supply chains and to assess risks to the supply chain for major end items by business sector, vendor, program, part, and other metrics.” Please click here to learn more about this new NDAA requirement. Please feel free to contact the most appropriate DLA representative below that is aligned with the supply chain and item you produce that is being illuminated. DLA Aviation Joie Coppedge Chief, Industrial Preparedness Branch 804-279-3073 Clothing and Textiles Bill Sismour DLA Industrial Capability Program Lead 215-737-8541 Construction & Equipment Philip Carcel Industrial Specialist 215-737-9469 Land and Maritime Eugene Mitchell Chief, Industrial Support 614-692-3886 Medical Bill Woltjen Readiness 215-737-7124 Subsistence Margaret Hightower Sourcing Strategy Specialist & COR 215-737-7840